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At our beloved Infant School, we lovingly introduce our enriching educational project in English from the tender age of four months. Recognising the vital importance of this early language immersion, we lay the solid structural, phonetic and phonological foundations for future language learning.

The young pupils at Nursery School Britania enjoy a school day immersed in English in all its forms. Every activity, every game and every moment is lived and experienced in this beautiful language, providing an ideal environment for linguistic and cognitive development.

What makes us so special?

Our metodology

  • Our mission

    Pupils at Nursery School Britania enjoy an immersive school day in English in all its expressions. Every experience, from the first to the last moment of the day, takes place in this beautiful language, creating an environment conducive to learning and linguistic fluency.

  • Our Objective

    Thanks to the English immersion programme that we implement in our nursery school, we manage to integrate this language as fluently and naturally as our own mother tongue.

  • Our philosophy

    From the moment children enter our school, we immerse them in an environment where English is omnipresent. Through this constant immersion, they first develop listening skills by hearing the language on a regular basis. Then they understand its meaning, gradually moving on to expressing themselves verbally. This natural progression culminates in their ability to write and read once they progress through their school education.

Preparing your children for tomorrow

Give your child different skills

  1. Learning English

    In our nursery we have an outstanding team of native Spanish and English-speaking educators who help the children to communicate in English as if it were their mother tongue.

  2. Excellence

    We are an educational option of excellence, located in Alicante, our nursery school is aimed at demanding families, interested in high quality educational services, a nursery school designed to avoid overcrowding.

  3. Learn by laughing

    In our nursery we focus on the happiness of the children. A nursery that manages to create, day by day, an atmosphere of trust and affection with the clear objective of boosting the self-esteem of the little ones. A space for socialisation and development.

  4. Outdoors

    Our facilities are an island of nature in the middle of the city, where we offer children an environment of safety and freedom, in intimate contact with nature.



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Education professionals

The minimum requirements for our teachers

We are proud to share with you that at our institution, not only do we abide by a strict code of ethics and solid guidelines to ensure continuous quality training, but we also have an exceptional team of educators! Did you know that all of our educators are 100% bilingual Spanish and native English speakers? Yes, they are. This means that not only do they have a deep knowledge of our language and culture, but they are also immersed in the English language in a natural and authentic way. We are committed not only to providing an excellent education, but also to offering an enriching, multicultural environment where your child can develop to the fullest - we are here to provide a truly unique and enriching educational experience!