Nature Education


For outdoor education

Classrooms in nature in our outdoor spaces

In our nursery, we have large natural spaces covering two thousand square metres, where nature becomes the main classroom for our little ones. Here, we give them the opportunity to explore, experiment and learn in a safe and free way.

Following Heike Freire's perspective, we recognise that many of the challenges facing children today, such as stress, obesity, depression or hyperactivity, can be attributed in part to a lack of contact with nature. That is why we strive to integrate nature into our children's daily lives, providing them with an environment where they can connect with the natural world and enjoy its benefits for their holistic development.

Improve your child's relationship with nature

Contributes to their emotional well-being

  1. Outdoor classrooms

    In the outdoor spaces of our nursery school, carefully equipped with the appropriate pedagogical resources for various activities, and surrounded by lush trees and vegetation, our pupils have the opportunity to explore and experiment in total freedom.

  2. Relationship with nature

    While playing, our pupils directly experience the influence of the seasons, interact fully with the land and water, observe birds and explore other realities that stimulate the development of both scientific and linguistic skills.

  3. Interaction with food

    Our orchard and fruit trees are genuine learning environments where children have the opportunity to observe the origin of food and the development of plants in detail.

  4. Psychomotor development

    We have two generous sandboxes covering more than two hundred square metres, designed to encourage children's psychomotor development and facilitate their understanding of the first laws of physics through practical experience.

Why is it good for your child?

Advantages of outdoor education

  • Health

    By growing up and experiencing nature, they are healthier and fall sick less often than children in more enclosed nurseries.

  • Psychomotricity

    In nature they develop more motor skills, which is basic for other mental, cognitive, language, etc.

  • Mental development

    They exercise their ability to concentrate more. Years of experience have shown that it helps children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

How great it is to be small

We have exemplary facilities

Our cosy nursery school has space for less than 50 pupils. We are committed to avoiding overcrowding, thus ensuring a more intimate and personalised environment for each child.

The classrooms have been meticulously designed and adapted to meet the specific needs of the children. They are brightly lit spaces and are equipped with everything necessary for their care and learning.

Our facilities are designed to be safe, fun and adapted to children's needs for movement, affection, play and relaxation. We strive to ensure maximum comfort and safety for children at all times.

We take care of every detail of the decoration, creating a pleasant, sweet and cheerful atmosphere that contributes to the happiness and well-being of the children while they are with us.

  1. Classrooms visible to each other to promote transparency

  2. Toilets visible from the classroom

  3. Warm wooden floors

  4. Air conditioning system

  5. Sockets at height

  6. Large audiovisual equipment and computers

  7. Modern school equipment

  8. State-of-the-art teaching materials